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Art for:
your home.
your office.
your community.

Dream BIG.

What We Do


Whether you are an individual art-lover, business owner, project coordinator, designer, or architect, Phoenix-based artist Kris Kollasch of Fine Art & Creative Environments collaborates with you to create custom, one-of-a-kind art and magical, compelling spaces that truly thrill everyone who enters.

We’d love to talk about your art needs and help you come up with a creative solution for your space that fits your needs, style, and budget. We’re confident you will be more than happy with what we create.

Paint Brushes

"Somewhere our piece of the whole makes the picture complete. Different hopes, different dreams. Reality."
-Kristine Kollasch


Alicia Sutton Campbell

Executive Director,
Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona

Kris has devoted 20+ years to the mission of Free Arts. She brings her creative spirit to both her artistic work with us and her volunteering efforts. We can always count on Kris to mindfully engage our community in her projects. This results in incredibly meaningful creative projects that leave participants with a sense of pride and creates lasting joy.

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