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Ripple Effect
Goodyear Community Park

Ripple Effect, Goodyear Community Park

Goodyear, AZ (2018)

3075 N. Litchfield Rd.

  • Designed, fabricated, and installed a mixed media mural across an 18' tall x 80’ long west-facing exterior wall beneath a stage platform in Goodyear Community Park.

  • The project involved community participation with over 100 youth from the summer recreation program and dozens of seniors and Parks & Rec staff in the brainstorming and tile-making process.

  • Made of steel, glass, and ceramic.

  • Total Budget $20,000

1.ripple effect- goodyear community park detail.jpg

The overall concept was designed to stretch the budget across a very long area, using materials that would withstand the constant western sun and harsh Arizona temperatures.  Using sheet steel and commercial glass tile on approximately ⅔ of the overall surface allowed us to focus the majority of the budget on creating hand-made tiles for the upper portion of the surface. 

“Ripple Effect” references the flowing motion of the tile mural, but more importantly the effect of positive play on our children and community.


The arts commission helped create a list of words that referenced the use of this stage area such as “Sing”, “Dance” and “Play” that we made into ceramic tiles.  Over 100 kids and community members also created tiles focusing on their own experiences and identity in the community and park.  Tiles were made of raw clay, carved, sculpted and scribed.  We then fired them and glazed them, fitting them one by one into the overall flow.


Steel sheets, laser cut into smooth waves, sunny yellow glass tiles, and thousands of handmade tiles come together to make a “Ripple Effect”of colorful and playful vibes across the elevated stage area near the baseball fields at Goodyear Community Park.

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