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Ever in Motion
Akos Medical Campus

Ever in Motion, Akos Medical Center

Avondale, AZ (2021)

  • A site-specific commission, "Ever in Motion" is a 13’ tall sculpture of steel. The windswept tree of “Ever in Motion” is rooted on a sphere lodged within the base of an inverted pyramid shape. The expansive form speaks to the continuous growth and foreword thinking of AKOS Medical center, as well as the City of Avondale.

  • Within the twisted blowing branches are dozens of leaves and a few surprises of hearts and birds that remind us of the temporary life we have, to hold on to our roots, until it’s time to take flight.

  • Budget: $23,000

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Ideas of life, movement and growth, while being solidly rooted, are expressed in this sculpture created specifically for the Akos Medical Building in Avondale, Arizona.


Kris Kollasch created this sculpture at her central Phoenix studio with the assistance of David Hughes and Keith Spooner.  The tree grew as steel rods were bent and twisted and welded together within the framework of the inverted expanding pyramid.  A 12” steel ball at the base represents this world from which we grow.  Laser-cut leaves, hearts, and birds are welded to the branches.


“Ever in Motion” is over 13’ tall, on a 42” steel plate, bolted to a 6’ square concrete pad. Made of steel, it is left to naturally patina. It is located on the west side of the Akos Medical building at 10825 W McDowell Rd, Avondale, AZ. Installed in early 2021.

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