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You Are Not Alone
Mental Health Awareness Coalition

You Are Not Alone, Mental Health Awareness Coalition

Phoenix, AZ (2022)

  • This Mural was designed through collaborative conversations and input from both professionals and patients/clients in the mental health field.  

  • I was commissioned by the Mental Health Awareness Coalition to create a large mural bringing awareness to mental health. Located on the west-facing wall of the REN building (Recovery Empowerment Network) at 212 E. Osborn Rd, it will hopefully brighten the day of the thousands who drive by daily.  

  • It was painted with a combination of latex paint (generously donated by Sherwin Williams) and spray paints.  The overall size is approximately 100'wide x 27'tall. are not alone mural.jpg

This Mural was designed to capture the memories and meanings of those lost to suicide and mental illness by gathering ideas from those impacted by such a loss. We also incorporated Images of hope and healing. It was designed to go onto the side of the Recovery Empowerment Network building at 212 East Osborn, Phoenix AZ, with funding through The Mental Health Awareness Coalition of AZ.


The design was originally designed to 1/2" scale.  Once the design and content were approved, the design was enlarged and gridded to 1" =1' scale so it could be hand drawn onto the surface of the building and then painted with both acrylic latex paint and aerosol paints. Kris Kollasch and her assistant worked using scaffolding and a scissor lift to paint the majority of the mural, and the community pitched in on the lower flowers. 


This large mural greets thousands of eastbound drivers every day with the hopes of brightening the day of passers-by, reminding each of us that we are not alone on this journey. 

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