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Pirate Ship
Tiny Teeth Children's Dentistry

Pirate Ship, Tiny Teeth Children's Dentistry

Goodyear, AZ (YEAR)

  • Designed in partnership with the dentist, Dr. Dan Nydegger who had a lot of his own creative ideas of what he wanted to see throughout the office, and architect Marty Fifer.  The Tiny Teeth location in Goodyear, AZ is full of surprises. A wrecked pirate ship in the jungle, hidden fairies, and a candy land forest were transformed into large toothbrushes by the tooth fairy.  Truly a fun project that took many hands to build. 

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Concept drawings were created to scale so that they could be dropped into architectural elevations in order to address any architectural details such as plug placements and structural Considerations during construction, prior to installation of themed elements. By creating renderings to scale, we can use them for measurements as we take the concepts into fabrication at the studio. 


We had a team of 4 of us in the house to create the dimensional elements that would later be installed on location. The team included artists Tim Krise and James Derieg, and carpenter and favorite father, Keith Kollasch, along with Our Captain, Kris Kollasch (designer, artist, builder, and muralist). Woods, plastic, foam core, fabric, and fire retardants are just some of the materials we used in making this magical space.


Nearly every corner of this dental facility is included in the theming.  The main lobby, check out, and open Bay Area all tie into the pirate jungle theme.  The individual exam rooms were given their own themes: the Surf’s Up Tiki Hut and the Magical Candy Land. It was great working with Dr. Dan Nydegger who let us be creative.  

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