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Kristine Kollasch 
Owner, Artist, Design Consultant

Kristine has been creating art since kindergarten when her teacher told her mom she really had some promising art talent. Throughout grade school Kris hung out with a group of retired women at the local community center so she could participate in the arts and crafts as much as possible.

She has been defined as a painter, a sculptor, and a ceramist, but no single word can describe this multifaceted artist. Her art reveals an eclectic blend of styles, techniques and mediums purposefully chosen to best express the art at hand.

"Artistic expression is therapeutic. I hear my own voice most clearly through paint, collage, texture and words hidden deep in the layers.

Using primarily acrylic paints with my fine art, I frequently incorporate found objects such as tickets, fortunes, coins and keys to imply meaning or for simple sculptural value. My paintings explore the relationship between surface and depth, literal and metaphorical.”

Kristine is a Valley Leadership Alumni, curator of First Studio’s Art Gallery Space in downtown Phoenix, and has donated her time and talents for nearly 20 years to work with the youth and serve on the Board of Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona.

She is a two-time Governors Arts’ Awards nominee and recipient of the 2014 Phoenix Mayors Arts Award for her public art.

From kindergarten to today, Kris is still doing what she loves — making art!






Fine Arts & Creative Environments celebrates 25 years.

Kris Kollasch wins Mayors Arts Awards: Public Art

Kris Kollasch starts curating art at First Studio in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

Kris graduates from the Valley Leadership Class XXX.

Fine Arts & Custom Finishes becomes Fine Arts & Creative Environments, LLC.

Fine Art & Creative

Fine Art & Creative Environments, LLC. Since 1997, we’ve been creating inviting, fun, and dynamic environments. We make each project it’s own unique space; working with you directly (from concept to install) to develop the perfect environment for your style and your budget. Being keenly aware of the positive impact art and our environments have on our overall well-being, we focus highly on the benefits of playful interaction and positive distraction.

Are you looking for something playful, calming, adventurous, cartoonish, life-like, or, you need ideas… we’ll bring your vision to life. Whether it’s with custom artwork, a mural and themed environment or a public art project for a community, we love being a part of making your SPACE a HAPPY PLACE!

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